What is KILROY and MVPA
KILROY, is an acronym meaning, "Kentuck-iana
Liberated Relics Of Yesteryear" and MVPA, means,
"Military Vehicle Preservation Association".  KILROY is
the area chapter for our parent organization, MVPA!  
Louisville Ky is on the Ohio River and shares a
greater area with southern Indiana, together we are a
club preserving and sharing historic military vehicles.
What we do
Generally speaking we are a group of eclectic
persons of varying backgrounds coming together to
help each other build, restore, collect, preserve and
share our love of all things historic and military,
usually vehicles.  Jeeps, trucks, half-tracks and
even tanks and cannons. We participate in
parades, veterans functions, patriotic events, static
displays and much much more!
Hosting 2018 MVPA National Convention
KILROY is pleased to announce that we are hosting
the 2018 MVPA National Convention at the Kentucky
Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky.  Military
hardware (and software) will arrive from all over the
US and even the world to display, operate and
sell/trade parts. Contact us for booth space or to join
in on the fun.
PARADE  10:00

Parking at Oldham
Fairgrounds just west of
LaGrange on Hwy 146.
Staging of vehicles at
Cornerstone Church on
Hwy 146.  09:00 am

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