May 03, 2018 While meeting at the Zachary Taylor Bldg. (Aero
Club was being used for something Derby related) Corey brought
up details of the use of proper engine oil for our military vehicles.

Many of our Jeeps, armor, tanks and older civilian vehicles have
flat tappet valve systems that require special additives in the
engine oil to protect against wear. Todays new fangled oils are
better than ever......for new fangled cars.  Our older vehicles
require higher levels of zinc and phosphorus to operate to their
expected life span. New engine break-in is especially important for
these additives.

After much research from Corey and Jerry Denny the solution
appears to be Racing Oil, Valvoline VR-1 SAE 30 Racing Oil.  It
has everything we need for our older engines and only costs $7.19
a quart (found at at O'Rielly's.)  Also available is a Lucas additive
to compliment the oil you are using now. About $10 at Total Truck.